NileDutch is a good example of the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit. In a few decades we have grown from a new entrant to the market to one of the world's top container shipping companies. But our ambitions go further - and as a NileDutcher you can help realise them.

Specialisation is one of the drivers of our success. NileDutch specialises in container shipping to and from West Africa: a region full of potential, which also poses many challenges hence our work is anything but routine.

Professional and flexible

We do not navigate by knowledge and experience alone. Africa also means exploration and adventure. That means you have to be flexible and be able to deal with new situations and unexpected events. This combination of meticulous preparation and flexibility makes working at NileDutch challenging and varied. Other key elements are operational excellence, quality and a drive to do business. That makes us a demanding employer but also means that working at NileDutch is a special experience.

Young, ambitious and expanding

NileDutchers are equally ambitious and want to work hard to serve our customers. Strong ties with our customers enable our people to understand the needs of our customers and provide them with the best possible service.  

Opportunities for entrepreneurial professionals

We are still ambitious and want to grow further. Our international network keeps expanding, in-line with our maritime operations. That means there are some great opportunities for entrepreneurial professionals who want to join our team. Do you think you have the NileDutch qualities and do you want to work in a dynamic international environment?Then please contact us using the application form below.


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