Container Tracking

Every user can track cargo details via the "Container tracking" application.
There are two ways of retrieving cargo information:


Search for limited information

When only 1 criteria has been keyed in, be it container, booking or b/l number, limited information will be shown.


Search for detailed information

When you key in two or more criteria, we will provide you more cargo details which we retrieve from the booking or B/L.   

Also a history of the latest moves will be shown for each container.

Container Move date Move Move location Type Gross weight Packages Package type Commodity Origin Destination
NIDU 220298-0 03-Nov-2013 Gate In Empty LIBREVILLE 20' dry cargo 23258 1000 Carton CONDENSED MILK SINGAPORE LIBREVILLE Print
Container events
Date Movement Location Vessel Voyage
03-11-2013 12:50 Gate In Empty LIBREVILLE
21-10-2013 16:08 Gate Out Full LIBREVILLE
02-10-2013 19:11 Discharge Full LIBREVILLE MCP TROODOS 90786
27-09-2013 13:43 Load Full POINTE NOIRE MCP TROODOS 90786
19-09-2013 14:25 Discharge Full POINTE NOIRE NILEDUTCH GAZELLE 30177A
17-08-2013 22:06 Load Full SINGAPORE NILEDUTCH GAZELLE 30177A
16-08-2013 05:45 Gate In Full SINGAPORE
13-08-2013 13:51 Gate Out Empty SINGAPORE