Release of Original Bills of Lading

Dear Customers,

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken necessary measures to reduce as much as possible personal contact in our offices. Our main objective is to protect our customers and our NileDutchers.

We highly recommend you to consider alternative solutions for the issuance of your Original Bills of Lading. Instead of picking up the original BL’s at our offices, please consider one of the below solutions:

-        Sea Waybill instead of straight Bills of Lading
-        Telex Release
-        BL printing at destination or any other NileDutch office
-        when sending OBL’s abroad, where allowed, please keep 1 original BL in your office. In case of non-delivery of the documents, you can still use that one BL for telex release.

We thank you for your usual understanding and co-operation.

Your NileDutch team remains at your disposal for any questions or information you may need.

Thanks and regards,

Your NileDutch team

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